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"As far as your personal requirements are concerned, the ideal is to have fewer involvements, fewer obligations, and fewer affairs, business or whatever. However, so far as the interest of the larger community is concerned, you must have as many involvements as possible and as many activities as possible."
- Quote from 'The Path to Tranquility: Daily Wisdom'

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Tibetan Plateau Summer 2017!

The Blue Valley Foundation is accepting inquiries from skilled volunteers to help in four crucial areas. This is a rare opportunity to make a difference and share a stay in rural Tibet. If you have expertise in any of the following areas – please contact us at bluevalleyinfo@sbcglobal.net for further details. Experience working in Himalayan areas is a plus. Pre-visit support and help with creative program development provided. Accommodations are available.

The four areas are: 1) Teaching English as a second language at the Mayul Technical School 2) Teaching basic computer usage for Mayul school students and working to develop staff computer skills. 3) Teaching an elementary, culturally relevant class in practical business principles. This “how to start a business” class may have funding to develop a small business as a class project. 4) Providing students and community members with an environmental education. Blue Valley is developing a teaching module to introduce the importance of recycling and the hazards of the present practice of burning plastics and dumping toxic waste. Good understanding of the environmental concerns facing the people of the Himalaya’s would be helpful. At present there are no recycling facilities in Qinghai Province. It is the intention of Blue Valley to work cooperatively in positive ways with local government and environmental groups to develop solutions to this rapidly growing problem.

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The Shambala Prayer Festival for World Peace was established by Hung Kar Dorje Rinpoche in 2004.  This event has been held eight separate times as of 2013. Renowned Lamas from all the dharma traditions of Tibet, along with thousands of others, are invited to participate in this five-day event dedicated to the welfare of all living creatures in Tibet and on the planet.  The Festival has been attended by visitors from all over China, the U.S., Vietnam, France, Australia, Japan and many other countries. Read more...


Khyentse Rigdzin Hungkar Dorje is the Supreme Abbot of Thubten Chokhor Ling Monastery in Golok, TibetClick here for biographical information.



The Blue Valley Foundation has begun its first fund raising efforts to help build a traditional Community Health Care Clinic in Golog State. In partnership with the Qinghai Gesar Foundation, which has already provided medicines and care to thousands of underserved Tibetan people for decades, we are in the initial planning stages of building a 35 room clinic on 7 acres of donated land.  The Rural Community Health Care Clinic and Outreach will serve a minimum of 10,000 people each year with a combination of traditional Tibetan Medicines and allopathic (Western) medicines and treatment. Traditional medical care will be our emphasis. Read more ...

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Transforming your kindness into good works for generations to come through planned giving:

The Golok Blue Valley Foundation intends to continue its work well into the future. You can be an important part of this future by including us in your estate plan or through various legacy gift methods. Click here for complete details, giving options, examples and more on how you can participate.

MEDIA: OUR ACTIVITIES (click below for photos & video)


Qinghai Province is located in the northwestern part of the People's Republic of China on the Tibet/Qinghai plateau at an average elevation of 14,000 feet. By area, Qinghai is the largest province in China with 720,000 square kilometers. The 2000 Chinese census recorded a total population of approximately 5.2 million. Tibetans constitute roughly 22% of Qinghai’s total population and are the largest minority in a province where minorities make up at least 43% of the total population.

It is an area rich in natural mineral and forest resources and is characterized by vast grasslands covering high mountains and deep valleys. The average wage for a rural Tibetan in 2005 was a $182.00 USD per year. The primary source of income is agriculture and animal husbandry both for household use and sales on the market. It is one of the poorest and most isolated areas within the PRC.

Qinghai Province is divided into 6 States (Prefectures). Golog is one such Prefecture. Golog is divided into 6 Counties and is one of the poorest states in Qinghai with Tibetans accounting for more than 90% of the population.

Our planned community clinic will be built on donated land in Gande County and is centrally located within Golok State to accommodate those people who are able to access transportation within the region.


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Between 40 and 60% of Tibetan children do not attend school and in the Tibet Autonomous Region, less than 25% of Tibetan children graduate to secondary schools. With our first two graduating classes behind us, the attendance at the HKD Multi-Disciplinary Technical School (the Mayul School) has increased from 180 students in 2011 to over 300 at present. Click here to read the complete report.


With classes in English, Tibetan, Mandarin, science, and math, the Mayul School has gained popularity and fame throughout much of the Tibetan Plateau, drawing students from as far away as Szechuan Province and Lhasa.

In Qinghai Province, Tibetan has traditionally been the language used for education in schools. The new policy mandates Mandarin as the medium of instruction by 2015. The Mayul School is one of the few that has permission to continue teaching in the "Mother Tongue", which we consider an essential step in maintaining cultural integrity. Click here to read about this important 3-Language Approach

Notes from the Field:
From Ava Fruin, English Second Language Instructor

The Beginning
Having just returned from an incredible three months teaching at the Mayul school, my heart is full of love and inspiration for this incredible institution, its students, and those who work tirelessly to keep it alive. Read more ...


Working amongst the group of “first responders” after the tragic Juekundo (Yushu) earthquake, the Qinghai Geysar foundation in Golog, in conjunction with Lodro Nyima Rinpoche, the abbot of Trangu Monastery oversaw the delivery of enormous amounts of relief supplies delivered by truck to Trangu Monastery and surrounding villages in early May.

Thirty monks brought ten truckloads of food, fuel, blankets and tents all the way from Golog, and handed out an additional million RMB to desperate villagers. Continuing deliveries of tsampa flour, butter and other essential supplies are in process as well. Nearly ten thousand people have received direct assistance in this way.

In a firsthand account, Hungkar Rinpoche stated “We gave food directly to people starting with the poorest and those whose homes were completely destroyed. Going to two outlying areas, we gave aid to 500 families with 3000 people fed in the first village. This area was neglected so we brought in 2 trucks of supplies.

In the second village we helped an additional 1500 people. This village had 50 dead. Both villages were completely destroyed. People were hungry, thirsty and fainting. We supplied 5 very large tents and set up a kitchen with a stove. Later we gave everything we brought in away. We came away with empty hands”.

The Blue Valley Foundation has helped in this fundraising effort but your donations are urgently needed so that we can continue supporting work on the ground in Yushu. Please help us by donating to our Earthquake Relief Fund. 100% of all donations go directly to those most in need.

To make a donation, click here and select the "Environmental" payment button; please indicate the purpose of your gift in the comments box provided during checkout.

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