Health Care Projects

Health Care Projects Rural Community Clinic and Outreach The critical need for improvements in the availability of rural (primary) health care in impoverished areas of the world have been well documented (click here and search "rural health care" for information.) The Blue Valley Foundation continues its fund raising efforts [...]

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Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects How sad it is to see the rapid changes taking place on the Tibetan Plateau. Clean air and pristine waters, earth protected for millennia by isolation from the mechanized world and through traditional use practices are being lost to chemical residue brought on by careless “strip mining” and the [...]

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Cultural Preservation

Cultural Preservation Preservation of Culture & Tradition If there is one symbol that unifies all Tibetans it is Gesar of Ling. Gesar’s battles against enemies of Tibet and Mongolia have become synonymous with the defending and spreading of the Dharma itself. He is a protector of Tibet’s Buddhist culture [...]

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Disabled Support

Support and Critical Services for the Disabled Unlike in most Western nations, in rural ethnically Tibetan areas the homeless and the poorest of the poor have virtually none of the safety nets and basic services that we often take for granted. No homeless shelters, no emergency rooms to walk into [...]

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